Green Team Management - Integrated Pest Management
This is  a tough year for your trees!
Our dry winter was an ideal environment for insect pests
that attack trees we don’t want to lose. Aphids, bores, and other 
problematic insects can be stopped safely and even organically.
Dormant Oil:Simple, inexpensive, very safe and organic; this is one of the best ways to protect your trees. The oil actually coats the tree smothering scale and aphid eggs before they can hatch. It does take a sprayer on trees over 15 feet but I can do the service starting at $5 a treedepending on the size; so it is very inexpensive.
Systemic Treatment:For trees like Ash and Maple that have a history of heavy attack; a systemic treatment (insecticide goes up into the vascular flow of the tree) is a way to treat without spraying insecticides into the air. When the pest chews on the tree it is stopped. The biggest problem is most folks use systemic treatments too late in the year. Now is the time to treat them, and again, as a Licensed Applicator I can actually do it for you for less money than you can buy the material.
Root Care Green Team Management is one of the few companies that has the power to Correct Planting Problems utilizing High Pressure Airspade for Radial Trench and Drainage.Click Here for details
Tree Fertilizer:Even if you have never done a fertilizer program for your trees – this would be the year to consider it, especially Sycamores struggling under anthracnose and Pine trees that struggled with this odd winter. Cost is around $5 to $7 a tree. Be careful using a lawn service to fertilize trees to not BURN the trees roots – use a true tree fertilizer and apply it correctly.
Correctional Pruning:Trees have to be pruned properly to grow properly. If you do not want co-dominant leaders (trunks) that split just when the tree becomes valuable as an asset to your property. You need to do a five year correctional pruning program. This is actually cheaper than waiting five years then spending two or three hundred dollars to try and fix water sprouts now twisted into limbs in the trunk or poorly attached limbs crowding out key scaffolding limbs. Spend twenty to thirty dollars a tree each year and you will be rewarded with a less expensive cost and a healthy strong tree. Click Here for Details
Systemic Injections:As a Certified Arborist I do not want to see anything drilled into a tree unless it is absolutely necessary. When it is necessary; I have access to every method available to put fungicide directly into the vascular systems of the tree. This has been necessary with Anthracnose in Sycamores the last two years. We have also seen terrible chlorosis (yellowing leaves) this year and we can correct that as well.
Tree Removal and Stump Grinding: When it's time to change that landscape I personally do small to medium trees and stump grinding.
Tree Log Recording for Cities, HOA's and corporate accounts as well as homeowner estates with GPS marking and complete online updating available.
Tree Evaluations: If you have concerns about your trees feel free to call me for a written evaluation.
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